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SDE has created and collected powerful content resources to supplement your existing expertise with illuminating ideas, fresh and engaging activities and games, best educational practices, key manipulatives and classroom resources, and more. Our resources are designed to stand-alone as instructional tools or to as insightful, strategic solutions to complement any existing PD training you’ve received.

Resource Categories

  • Books
    With renowned authorship and accessible writing styles, Crystal Springs Books equip you with resources to meet challenges, introduce engaging classroom lessons, maximize student learning, and more.
  • Games & Apps
    Helping students master essential skills, our variety of learning games and apps present fun, engaging ways to put theory to practice and aid in student assessment or application.
  • Manipulatives
    Perfect tools for hands-on, practical application to reinforce learning, ideal for differentiation, and can be used on their own or in conjunction with other Crystal Springs Books offerings.
  • Digital Resources
    Many titles are now available as e-Books readable on PC, Mac, or a variety of e-Readers, offering both portability and practicability.

Topic Areas

Mathematics (Including Singapore Math)

    New standards for math stress a solid foundation of not only conceptual understanding, but also critical thinking. Singapore Math emphasizes the development of conceptual understanding prior to the teaching of procedures. A powerful, hands-on, visual approach—a progression from concrete to pictorial to abstract—is used to introduce concepts, which at the core include strong number sense, place value, and problem-solving. Professional development solutions are closely-aligned with the standards, including Singapore Math.

English/Language Arts

    New standards for ELA call for more rigorous texts in reading, new strategies for vocabulary, writing, and more. Our solutions provide ELA resources to help employ new instructional strategies and techniques to enable your students to not only succeed under the standards, but exceed expectations.

Differentiated Instruction, Intervention, and Assessment

    Differentiated Instruction makes it possible to maximize learning for ALL students. It is a professional and responsive mind-set where the teacher is proactively planning for the needs of diverse learners. Most teachers naturally differentiate to some degree, but in today’s stndards-based world, differentiation is more important than ever. The more differentiated a classroom, the more its students feel successful and motivated, resulting in higher student achievement. Appropriate and timely intervention strategies and opportunities for true formative and summative assessments can help your differentiated classroom succeed.

Classroom Management

    Our classroom management solutions will increase your confidence as an educator in the classroom. Our comprehensive tools will introduce several successful classroom management techniques, and teach you how to motivate students to help you manage your classroom, while still being cognizant of issues of time, space, resources, and grouping.

Early Childhood

    Early childhood success is based on the premise that nearly all students can achieve academic success if provided with quality education with classroom-based support for teachers and students. Children who come to school without important language, literacy, numeracy, motor, and behavior skills are at a disadvantage in the first years of school. Our solutions provide educators with a comprehensive, research-based early learning system proven to help build the solid foundation of skills needed for lifelong success.

Technology/21st Century Skills

    Preparing students to identify and conquer complex challenges in an ever-changing world requires fresh approaches and development of new techniques and strategies for teachers. Our solutions will help guide you through how learning and instruction have changed because of technology, identify learning styles and what each type of learner needs in order to succeed, and to discuss research findings on the characteristics of today’s students. Always up-to-date, our solutions offer the best strategies and techniques for today’s current technology.

Administration and Leadership

    Building a staff of effective teachers, creating a positive climate, and setting clear expectations are the very tenets of successful leadership. Our leadership solutions provide proven techniques for motivating and improving educators, and neutralizing negativity in your school or district. Strategies for taking responsibility, engaging with different types of learners, and becoming better leaders are foundational elements of SDE’s professional development solutions.
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